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Arozzi Verona Pro Review – Is it worth the HYPE?

Arozzi Verona Pro V2 Premium Racing Style Gaming Chair with High Backrest,...
171 Reviews
Arozzi Verona Pro V2 Premium Racing Style Gaming Chair with High Backrest,...
  • Ergonomic Design for hours of gaming or work in comfort
  • Lightweight metal frame with high density foam provides sturdiness and responsiveness
  • Advanced and reinforced seat mechanism support weight to 290 lbs and allows programmable tilt angles

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Arozzi Verona Pro Review

Arozzi Verona Pro Gaming Chair Review

With increasing popularity in gaming, gaming chairs are one of the most important aspect of the overall. Arozzi Verona Pro is a name to reckoned when it comes to high quality gaming chairs. With this Arozzi Verono Pro review we’ll see what this chair has to offer.

Most hardcore gamers remain glued to a chair for long hours ; deeply engrossed in an intense gameplay, isn’t it?

However not using a correct sitting posture or a non-ergonomic chair can damage gamer’s back and cause serious spine injuries ; later down the line.

The Swedish company Arozzi has taken this into consideration and has been making comfortable chairs since 2013 and in this article we bring you the Arozzi Verona Pro Review.

If you are one of such gamers; you should carefully read through this detailed review, and see why it is one of the best gaming chairs around today!

Arozzi Verona Pro Review

171 Reviews
Arozzi Verona Pro V2 Premium Racing Style Gaming Chair with High Backrest,...
  • Ergonomic Design for hours of gaming or work in comfort
  • Lightweight metal frame with high density foam provides sturdiness and responsiveness
  • Advanced and reinforced seat mechanism support weight to 290 lbs and allows programmable tilt angles

Initial Impression and Design

Arozzi Verona Pro V2 Premium Racing Style Gaming...

At a glance, Arozzi Verona Pro may look like every other gaming chair out there, but definitely is a class apart. The Arozzi Verona Pro is a gaming chair that has a super sleek look, built with a bit of its design from Motorsport cars seat.

Sitting in the chair for the first time would give you the feeling of a joy ride down the race tracks. The lines and curves of the seat envelops and hold you in place as you enjoy your gaming sessions.

It’s amazing adjustable design, soft cushioning and feel are some of the perks that come alongside enjoying a good play.

While most gaming chairs only come with an adjustable height and backrest feature, Verona Pro has the ability to adjust almost every aspect of it. From height to backrest to armrest, lumbar support, and head support, which is ideal enough to find you a comfortable seating position.

Note: No matter how comfortable you feel in any chair; sitting for longer hours can hamper your spine, cause intense pain in your tail bone along with numbness in your legs. Hence it is recommended to get up from the chair after an hour or so and take a 5 minutes’ stroll.

The additional rocking feature in the design of this chair gives it an edge over competition. Its wheels are designed to hold in a rigid position while rocking gently and comfortably on this chair.

The Arozzi Verona Pro comes with a chair height of 133 cm with an inner seat width of 38 cm and depth of 53 cm. The backrest rises up to 82 cm with an inner width of 47 cm.

The Verona Pro comes in a variety of different colors. It is available in different colors like red, blue, green, gray or orange color. However my favorite color is the Carbon Black because it comes with Carbon Fibre like texture. With a three tone design you get a feeling of owning a professional eSports quality gaming chair.

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Built Quality and Performance

All pieces of this chair are held tightly together by screws and can be setup easily within 25 minutes.

This chair was built to give you comfort for long hours’ usage. The Verona Pro is padded to give a comfortable feel. The cushion is made of high density foam material which is very soft to sit on yet still retains its shape over time.

The Verona Pro is a pocket friendly purchase that will give you the best value for your money and this makes it even more appealing. Feel free to check it out today!

This chair is wrapped up in PU leather which gives it its soft feel for an excellent experience, however it is lacking in the aspect of durability as a real leather would be.

With the faux leather upholstery, you need not worry about damages resulting from liquid spills, as you can quickly clean up any water, yoghourt or juice spills with no fear of staining or water damage.

Note: Faux Leather gives the feeling of plush leather; however, after extended usage (over 2 years) this synthetic material can start to develop wrinkles and start tearing apart too. Though the upside is; you can easily replace it for very cheap.

The frame of the Verona Pro is quite sturdy and surprisingly light enough to enable you to move it around with ease. The sturdy nature of the frame allows you recline and rock in this chair with no noise or creaks; signaling a strain. The base and wheels are strong and this chair can hold the maximum weight capacity of 290 Ibs.

This chair offers gamer top performance as it provides maximum comfort for long hours of gaming especially with the addition of lumber and head support pillows that it comes with.

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Adjustments and Functions

Arozzi Verona Pro is a chair that was built for comfort, the ability to adjust almost every aspect the Verona Pro is one of the key feature that this chair offers. The backrest of this chair comes with two adjustable features. With the use of a lever located on the side of the chair the angle of the backrest can be adjusted.

There’s a variety of angles that the backrest can be adjusted to, this feature allows users to set the chair to a position that provides them maximum comfort without any worries. The backrest also comes with a rocking feature , which allows users to rock back and forth, now this is something you don’t see in most gaming chairs.

Height adjustment is a key feature most people look out for when getting a chair. The Verona pro has an adjustable seat height of 51 to 57cm, powered by a Gas Cylinder , which means that it has the ability to hold the chair at any position without fear of it dropping down.

The armrest on the Verona Pro gaming chair is also fully adjustable. The arm of most chairs tend to be static and can sometimes be of discomfort when they are not well placed.

This fact was taken into consideration when making this chair and hence it comes with a fully adjustable armrest that can be moved up or down to a position that suits the user. All these adjustable features are what makes the Verona Pro the preferred choice for most gamers.

Pros & Cons of Arozzi Verona Pro

What We Liked
  • Seat Cushion: The Arozzi Verona Pro gaming chair offers users an optimal level of comfort. It has a very soft cushion feel and the curves of the back and seat hug holds you in place.
  • Lumbar Support: It has lumbar support which makes it extremely ergonomic.
  • Adjustable Features: The adjustable feature of the height, backrest and armrest makes it able to suit every user.
What We Didn't Like
  • Laborious Assembling: When it first arrives in a box it can be difficult to put together. You might want to get an extra hand to help you out.
  • Lower Leather Durability: This chair doesn’t offer a high level of leather durability because of its soft nature.
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The Arozzi Verona Pro is a great choice of gaming chair if you plan on treating yourself to a new chair. Whether you are a casual gamer or a hardcore marathon gamer, the Verona Pro offers you a comfortable gaming experience. The soft leather covering adds to the comfortable feel of the chair.

This chair comes with all features required of a good gaming chair, especially for gamers who like to sit for marathon sessions, it is your best buy yet.

Hence if you’re planning to get a reliable gaming chair for a modest budget, Arozzi Verona Pro should be your ideal pick.

What We Liked
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