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Devoko Ergonomic Gaming Chair A Wise Pick?

Devoko Ergonomic Gaming Chair Racing Style Adjustable Height High Back PC...
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Devoko Ergonomic Gaming Chair Racing Style Adjustable Height High Back PC...
  • Devoko high back ergonomic gaming chair covered by premium breathable leather and freely adjustable...
  • 360 degree swivel rotation with top quality mute rolling Wheels avoid scratching on floor board and...
  • Heavy duty racing gaming chair with integrated metal frame, international standards explosion-proof...

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Devoko Ergonomic Gaming Chair Review

Devoko Gaming Chair review by expert

Players spend a lot of time in front of their PC or other gaming consoles. It’s only right that they can spend their time sitting on a comfortable chair with an attractive look, rather than any other sitting furniture.

Often the design of gaming chairs is truly remarkable and will give an extra touch of style to your home.

This is where Devoko Ergonomic Gaming Chair comes in, which offers a combination of style and stability to your gaming sessions. Hence, you only worry about your games and nothing else.

And in this Devoko Ergonomic Gaming Chair Review , we’ll see how the chair performs, and do you really get great bang for every buck paid?

Let’s find out!

Devoko Ergonomic Gaming Chair Review

Initial Impression and Design

Devoko Ergonomic Gaming Chair Racing Style...

Take a seat on the throne and play like a king! The Devoko gaming chair combines excellent comfort and stunning gaming design. This fully adjustable ergonomic gaming chair allows you to focus only on your game for hours.

The Devoko Ergonomic Gaming Chair is available in two different colors. It is characterized by the classic black color with white, red, blue, and full black inserts.

Premium breathable leather lining covers the entire backrest, which is padded and 30.5″ high.

Same goes for the seat, which measures 19.8″x 20.5″. Its design takes inspiration from racing cars.

Devoko is a fast-growing brand, particularly popular in its price range. It produces enticing gaming chairs at prices that are, in many cases, affordable, as for the model analyzed.

Devoko Ergonomic Gaming Chair seems a perfect fit for first-time buyers. It is both comfortable and practical, despite the relatively low price.

Among similar products within the same price range, this is probably the best option in terms of comfort and style.

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Built Quality and Performance

The Devoko Ergonomic Gaming Chair features bright colors and finishes with premium materials.

Built on a robust structure with foam inserts and premium PU leather material padding, they showcase carbon fiber finishes.

Furthermore, the gas spring pneumatic makes them particularly resistant to weight. The piston allows you to adjust the chair’s height, with an excursion ranging from 16.1 to 20 inches. This definitely makes it an ideal gaming chair for a short person,

Besides, the metal base and nylon wheels guarantee smoothness and stability on most surfaces.

The Devoko gaming chair can be used by everyone. The solid chair is designed to support a maximum weight of 300 lbs . It is recommended for any player between 5’2″ and up to 6’2″ in height.

The seat is 19.8″ wide and 20.5″ deep, and is wide enough to offer outstanding support and comfort.

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The wheels under the seat, as happens for most of the chairs, allows you to configure the inclination, leaving the chair free to tilt for a short distance in both directions.

It’s starbase, also in steel, with 5x 60 mm wheels, provides stability and freedom of movement, especially on flat surfaces. The total weight of the chair is 45.5 pounds .

With all these features, the Devoko Ergonomic Gaming Chair is available at an affordable price and an excellent fit for games on a budget!

However, it does miss out on adjustable armrests, and if it matters to you, I suggest you take a look at GTRacing E-Sports Gaming Chair.

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Adjustments and Functions

Like the other chairs in this range, it includes Lock tilt function and Height-adjustable gas spring Pneumatic.

The piston gives an optimal height to the seat as needed. The head and back supports are composed of breathable fabric cushions, whose chromatic coloring is identical to the inserts of the chair. They can be positioned according to your needs.

As for moments of pause between matches, it is possible to tilt the backrest from 90° to 180° with Easy lock-tilt adjustment and recline angle adjuster. This helps to relieve tired feeling and pressure during long gaming or working.

Devoko Ergonomic Gaming Chair has a 19mm thick steel frame, and it can be tilted up to a maximum of 135 degrees.

Included in the package are two cushions, one for your head and the other for the lumbar area, which allows you to sit in the best positions.

Basically, you can extend the backrest in a horizontal position for a nap after an overwhelming victory!

The finishing touch is that the seat can be tilted for even greater comfort. Simply tilt the seat forward to reduce the pressure on your legs, while if you tilt it back for proper alignment with your spine, you will prevent back problems.

Pros and Cons of Devoko Ergonomic Gaming Chair

What We Liked
  • Available at a very affordable price range
  • Comes with very comfortable neck and lumbar pillows
  • Ideal for short as well as tall people for prolonged gaming
  • Great quality vinyl leather is used that doesn’t give off unwanted smell
What We Didn't Like
  • Offers fixed armrests
  • Lumbar pillow cannot be attached to the seat
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Inside the package, everything is wrapped and packed, and a manual with detailed instructions. At first glance, you’ll see that the materials are really high quality.

The assembly process takes 15/20 minutes and is very simple. Once mounted, you will realize how comfortable this chair is: the lumbar and cervical cushions perform their job very well, avoiding the onset of annoying back pain.

The seat is comfortable and spacious, the armrests are firm and allow you to rest comfortably; the chair is fully adjustable as you can even lie down, and it turns 360 degrees perfectly.

If you’re in the market looking for an ideal gaming chair that doesn’t make a hole in your pocket, yet offers the comfort and features of costlier chairs. Then the Devoko Ergonomic Gaming Chair is the right fit for you.

What We Liked
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