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Ficmax Ergonomic Gaming Chair Review [Updated 2020]

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  • Ficmax Ergonomic Gaming Chair Review – Worth the HYPE?
Ficmax Ergonomic Gaming Chair Review

Ficmax Ergonomic Gaming Chair Review – Worth the HYPE?

Anything less than a gaming chair won’t do when taking on avid gamers, as it puts your back at risk and causes fatigue. To get on that leaderboard, you want a gaming chair that allows you to sit comfortably for hours without ruining your back.

Gaming chairs such as Ficmax Ergonomic Chair safeguards your spine health to let you bring your A-game every time. A laser focus is the secret to gaining clout and collecting the wins.

Check out this detailed Ficmax Ergonomic Gaming Chair Review to understand why it would be a valuable addition to your gaming arsenal.

Shall we?

Ficmax Ergonomic Gaming Chair Review

Ficmax Massage Gaming Chair Ergonomic Computer Gaming Chair with Footrest, High...
885 Reviews
Ficmax Massage Gaming Chair Ergonomic Computer Gaming Chair with Footrest, High...
  • ✔Fits your style: Tilt, rock or swivel, adjust at your own pleasure.
  • ✔Premium Quality Material: Dirt & fade resistant PU leather & 4.8-inch thick high-density memory...
  • ✔Built to last: Complete metal framework & Heavy duty wheelbase. Class 4 hydraulic piston (Max...

Initial Impression and Design

Ficmax Massage Gaming Chair Ergonomic Gamer Chair...

The faux leather cover on Ficmax Ergonomic Chair comes with colorful trimmings to complement the sleek, elegant racing style design.

The racer car style chair is available in black with either red or blue trims. But you can opt for the more colorful light blue version with red and white trimmings if you prefer a burst of color.

Brand emblazonments on the neck and lumbar support attest to your refined taste in gaming furniture.

The ergonomic backrest is embellished with the brand’s logo to get you into the correct gaming mindset as soon as you set into the room.

Unlike the standard gaming chairs , the Ficmax doesn’t neglect your feet. A retractable footrest lets you elevate your feet for added gaming comfort and ease the pressure off. No more swollen feet from prolonged sitting.

The high backrest with adjustable neck and lumbar pillows supports your entire anterior chain and relieves soreness and pressure. The coupling of an ergonomic backrest coupled with massaging lumbar support pillow makes back pain a thing of the past.

The high backrest on the Ficmax chair reclines completely to let you lie horizontally, which, coupled with the retractable footrest, makes you feel as if you were on a spa bed.

Superior nylon caster wheels on a substantial colorful base lets you wheel the chair around quickly and conveniently.

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Built Quality and Performance

The dirt and fade resistant PVC leather cover is the hallmark of a superior quality gamer’s chair. Couple that with the durable steel frame and wheelbase, and you have a seat that will serve you for a long time.

The 4-inch high-density foam padding on the seat gives a luxurious feel while retaining its shape and firmness with extended usage.

Unlike most gaming chairs , the Ficmax boasts an adjustable USB powered lumbar massage pillow. Simply plug-in and have the gently vibrating pillow melt any tension and fatigue away.

You can move the vibrating pillow up and down the backrest and eliminate any sore spot on your entire back.

You can raise and lower the armrests to keep your hands comfortable when gaming, reading or using a computer. Optimizing arm placement improves your posture and keeps you from slouching, which can strain your back.

Thanks to its steel frame, the chair weighs 55 pounds and boasts a load-bearing capacity of up to 250lbs . A Class 3 heavy-duty hydraulic piston lets you raise the chair to any desired height even when at full load capacity.

The chair rides on durable nylon wheels that won’t ruin your floor and carpets. The nylon caster wheels glide smoothly on your floor and can swivel up to 360 degrees independently.

Each chair ships with a 12 months’ warranty from the manufacturer eliminating out of pocket expenses.

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Adjustments and Functions

Since the Ficmax ergonomic chair is engineered for comfort and functionality, it comes with plenty of custom adjustments to suit your needs.

You can adjust the height of the heavily padded seat with a gentle touch of the level on the right side of the chair for starters. The heavy-duty hydraulic piston works seamlessly and lets you lock the height at any desired level.

You can adjust the height of the ABS plastic armrest and have your hands at the most comfortable position and escape stress-related injuries such as carpal tunnel.

The Ficmax chair towers over other models when it comes to its tilting capabilities as it reclines to a full horizontal. You can engage the working mode when gaming or using a computer and recline a little more to read a book. You can recline the chair a little more when watching TV or engage the lying mode when you need to kick back and relax.

Ficmax Ergonomic Gaming Chair comes with retractable and padded footrest. It lets you elevate your feet when using the chair in an upright position or in lying mode for additional foot support.

Provided vibrating lumbar support is adjustable. Place the pillow below any part of your back that could use a little massage.

The durable piston lets you adjust the height of the seat above the floor and enables you to swivel a full 360 degrees seamlessly. Couple that with a stable wheelbase with nylon wheels, and you have a limitless range of movement in your working or gaming space.

Pros & Cons of Ficmax Ergonomic Gaming Chair

  • Branded, dirt and fade resistant PVC leather cover
  • Uses heavy-duty hydraulic piston to raise the seat
  • It comes with a vibrating, adjustable lumbar support pillow
  • Stunning ergonomic design that molds your spine curvature
  • Backrest reclines between 90 and 180 degrees
  • Comes with a retractable footrest that’s usable in any reclining position
  • Long, broad, and comfortable seat with colorful trimmings
  • A contoured backrest with a thick, firm foam padding for comfortable seating
  • Assembly process can be a tad challenging
  • Requires at least two people to assemble
  • The USB cord for the lumbar support massager should have been longer
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From this Ficmax ergonomic gaming chair review, you can tell it makes an excellent choice for an avid gamer or office worker.

Durable and comfortable, this seat affords you unparalleled luxury when you need it the most. The fade and dirt-resistant PVC leather keeps the chair intact for years. The vibrating lumbar pillow ensures you’ll never suffer from a sore back ever again.

The heavy steel build means the chair will never quit on you while the stable and reliable wheelbase with nylon wheels ensures that you’ll never tip over. The 12 months’ warranty marks the chair as a good purchase.

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