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Herman Miller Sayl Review – Eccentric Youth Chair?

Herman Miller Sayl Chair, Black Rhythm
63 Reviews
Herman Miller Sayl Chair, Black Rhythm
  • Frameless Suspension Back offers sitters a Healthy balance between support and freedom of movement
  • Features: tilt limiter, stationary Seat Depth and arms, Black base and frame, and carpet casters
  • Breathable Unframed Back keeps you cool while you work

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Herman Miller Sayl Review

For a long time, we’ve seen office chairs as utilitarian means. We mostly focus on the chair’s features, functions, and comfort, rather than design and aesthetic appeal. And this is where Herman Miller Sayl jumps in, which offers comfortable seating along with great design aesthetics.

Simply put, Herman Miller Sayl is a piece of artistic impression. And the grand design can be attributed to its designer Yves Behar.

The chair seatback design is inspired by the Golden Gate bridge suspensions. By looking at the design, it’s easy to tell what was his motivation when designing this chair. Obviously, the designer borrowed heavily from modern engineering principles.

But do these principles fair well ergonomically? We’ll answer these questions through Herman Miller Sayl review.

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Herman Miller Sayl Review

63 Reviews
Herman Miller Sayl Chair, Black Rhythm
  • Frameless Suspension Back offers sitters a Healthy balance between support and freedom of movement
  • Features: tilt limiter, stationary Seat Depth and arms, Black base and frame, and carpet casters
  • Breathable Unframed Back keeps you cool while you work

Initial Impression and Design

Herman Miller Sayl Chair, Black Rhythm

There is no doubt that Herman Miller Sayl will capture your attention even when juxtaposed against any office setting. It is simply stunning, and that’s just a modest expression. Remember that we can’t fault the manufacturer on the distinct appearance of this chair. It’s simply breathtaking, to say the least.

Now on the ergonomic front, the open design might leave you wondering whether the chair can indeed carry up to 350 pounds of human with its fragile look. Surprisingly, this chair is strong enough to support such a weight.

The open design is intended to allow more airflow. That’s an essential ergonomic design aspect in this chair. When sitting on this chair, your body will remain cool for longer periods. As expected, with most modern eco-friendly designs, the chair is 93% recyclable.

This Herman Miller chair comes in 8 colors and customizable options for the upholstery material. Besides, the chair’s minimalistic design means its lightweight.

Also, it’s good to mention that even with a futuristic design, this chair is a bit pale compared to some high-end models from Herman Miller in terms of features.

The chair comes with an astounding 12-year warranty . Hence, even if the chair falters in some kind, it will be entirely covered under warranty. Moreover, a longer warranty also ensures trust in customers that they’re buying a high-quality product.

Plus, when a manufacturer places a 12-year warranty on its product, it boosts buyer’s confidence.

The other two notable features on the Herman Miller Sayl are the forward tilt and tilt limiter functionality.

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Built Quality and Performance

According to our review, If you spend a lot of hours working, then Herman Miller Sayl is the right fit for you. Besides the aesthetically appealing design, the designer has given prominence to the overall comfort as well.

The chair has what the manufacturer refers to as “3D intelligent” seatback. Since its unframed, it allows the user more freedom and support. This way you can make lateral moves easily, without being hindered by the chair’s frame

Moreover, this design flexibility means that Sayl can accommodate a variety of body sizes. There is not much talk about the material that has been used to design the frame. But the manufacturer markets it as eco-friendly. If you purchase this chair, you’ll be playing your part in conserving the environment.

The 350 pounds’ limit is not bad considering the amount you’ll be paying for this chair. If you wish to add on to your office décor, you can achieve a lot by combining the green, blues, and yellow colors to achieve that modern look.

I am just thinking out loud that this chair could be a sensation with millennials because of the somewhat innovative and inspirational design. Likewise, compared to other popular Herman Miller chairs like Aeron or Embody, the Sayl is comparatively cheaper and aims to target a younger audience due to its eccentric design.

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Adjustments and Functions

The Herman Miller Sayl does not require any assembly, they ship them as a single package. The chair has been designed to be used by average-sized people. The seatback is not tall enough to accommodate people who are taller than 6 feet.

As stated earlier, the seatback is available in several color options and upholstery materials too. The frame comes in two color options white/crepe or black. And the most exciting thing about these options is that you can easily blend this chair with your overall office décor or home style.

The basic Herman Sayl chair comes with fixed armrests; however, higher models have adjustable armrests.

They 3D intelligent design allows your spine to maintain the natural posture with minimal fatigue. Besides, the chair’s height is adjustable. You can adjust the chair between 15.5 inches to 20 inches. The base is sturdy enough to support the recommended 350lbs weight.

You can adjust the seat depth and lumbar support. The lumbar support is adjustable to a span of 4 inches to support the midback of the natural curve.

The seat depth can be increased to 18 inches from 16 inches to fully support your thighs without putting much pressure on the back of the knees.

Pros & Cons of Herman Miller Sayl

What We Liked
  • Excellent airflow due to its design
  • Commendable and aesthetically pleasing design
  • Eco-friendly and up to 93% recyclable
  • Comfortable for daily and offers strong back support
  • Comes with 12-years warranty as standard
What We Didn't Like
  • Priced higher compared to similar types of office with additional functions
  • Taller people might feel the lack of comfort due to its mid-back design
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The Herman Miller Sayl features a contemporary minimalistic design inspired by the Golden Gate bridges. There is no doubt that the chair is awe-inspiring, and anyone would wish to have such a piece of furniture at their home or office.

The design incorporates eco-friendliness with 93% recyclable materials.

Plus, there are varied color options that add on to its versatility. Even though the chair is not designed for large people, it’s comfortable nonetheless.

Of course, the 12-year warranty boost buyer’s confidence. Honestly, the chair is reasonably priced if you consider the comfort and general appeal. This is a chair we’d recommend you to buy if the budget allows.

It will serve for longer if you calculate the price relative to the number of years in the warranty.

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