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Svago Zero Gravity Recliner Review – Worth the price?

Svago Zero Gravity Recliner - Ivory Butter Touch Bonded Leather
7 Reviews
Svago Zero Gravity Recliner - Ivory Butter Touch Bonded Leather
  • Massage and heat functions.
  • Independently adjustable footrest.
  • Extended armrests.

Svago Zero Gravity Recliner Review – Worth the price?

On first impression, the Svago Zero Gravity recliner name easily summarizes its essence and capabilities. First off, Svago means relaxation in Italian; while Zero Gravity is the technology behind this recliner. So you can expect an aesthetically appealing Italian recliner that utilizes NASA inspired zero-gravity technology.

Of course, there are extra features that this recliner offers including massage and heat functionalities. Alongside, it offers a premium experience, much higher than other recliners in the market. For any buyer, the main question is whether the high price will match up with the features.

Here is an in-depth Svago Zero Gravity Recliner Review. Read on to get the feel and performance of this chair.

Svago Zero Gravity Recliner Review

7 Reviews
Svago Zero Gravity Recliner - Ivory Butter Touch Bonded Leather
  • Massage and heat functions.
  • Independently adjustable footrest.
  • Extended armrests.

Initial Impression and Design

Svago Zero Gravity Recliner - Ivory Butter Touch...

Italians never disappoint as far as aesthetics and design are concerned. They have designed a curvy chair with consideration to human angular movement. Essentially, it’s a nice handcrafted piece of art attractive to eyes.

The chair has been installed with hand-designed, contoured frames and realistically leather-like covering. The synthetic leather is made up of polyurethane material. Underneath this beautiful covering is memory foam for the chair’s padding and pillows.

The chair features an articulating headrest and independent and adjustable footrest. Additionally, the Svago Zero Gravity Chair comes with extended armrest. In the following sections, you’ll see why the independent footrest comes in handy. Also, the headrest and footrest are removable in case there is some discomfort.

The material and technical design are focused on providing back pain relief and maximum comfort. The Svago Zero Gravity Recliner’s claim to fame is its Zero gravity position. Even though Zero Gravity isn’t unique to Svago chairs, they have outdone themselves on this one. You can think of it as a bona fide Zero gravity chair.

They ship them in two different colors: black and Ivory. If you are design-conscious, you shouldn’t worry, the chair will fit and easily blend in with your spacing and design. The exterior has been designed in a contemporary and stylish design.

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Built Quality and Performance

The Svago Zero Gravity Recliner combines superior performance with exquisite and solid design components. For instance, the frames are made of contoured beechwood coupled with high-end heating and massage functionalities.

The Svago ZGR recliner exterior design has stuck to true Italian handicraft traditions. Also, the overwhelming attention to detail is evident in the hand-stitched finishes. The underlying zero gravity technology evenly distributes your weight to relieve the spinal cord.

Ordinarily, the body is under pressure from gravity which means you lose a few inches when your spinal cord bows to pressure. For this reason, astronauts float around in space because there is no gravity. The Svago ZGR can be used as a traditional recliner or Zero Gravity Chair.

The vibration massage is executed through 6 motors focused on relieving your upper back and lumbar. To loosen stiff body muscles the chair combines the heat and massage functions. Subsequently, your body regains strength and stability.

If you have lower back pain, you simply activate the heat function with the touch of a button. The heat functionality acts as the therapeutic touch your aching back craves for. This heat alleviates your muscles stiffness allowing better blood circulation in your body.

All these sweet functionalities can be activated with a handheld remote including turning on the vibration and heating functions. Also, you can set your desired specifications and wake up time.

Adjustments and Functions

Notably, the Svago Zero Gravity recliner can be easily differentiated from its competitors through the inclusion of heat and vibration massage. In essence, it has included a premium feature in somewhat regular recliner design.

The chair can be adjusted to a comfortable 180 degrees allowing you to recline to customizable positions. Additionally, the zero-gravity control helps you to identify the best position for your body. The panel adjusts the independent neck rest and footrest as well.

The independent footrest comes in handy when you wish to adjust the height.

You can separate the main chair from the removable head and lumbar pillows. If your svago zero gravity recliner headrest and lumbar pillow are not the correct sizes, you can remove them completely. The other reason you might remove them is if they do not add any comfort.

The handheld remote allows you to save memory. For example, you can save two ideal positions in its memory instead of adjusting it every time you sit on it.

The extended arms rest span the entire length and out towards the independent footrest.

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Svago Zero Gravity recliner specifications

  • Product Dimensions – 42 x 31.5 x 46 inches
  • Weight – 99 pounds
  • Weight Limit – 290 lbs
  • Reclined Length – 65.4”
  • Materials – Soft Bonded Leather
  • Item Model Number – sv-1001

Pros & Cons of Svago Zero Gravity recliner

What We Liked
  • The Zero Gravity position is great for relaxation and comfort
  • The heating and vibration massage features are the right inclusion
  • Its an aesthetically appealing design that can easily integrate into your overall office or home design
  • It comes with a remote control to help adjust and save memory settings
What We Didn't Like
  • Even though the synthetic leather-like material is soft and looks greats it cannot replace original leather
  • It is cost intensive
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There is no doubt that the Svago Zero Gravity recliner is worth its hefty price. The adjustable zero gravity technology comes with a great chair for restorative or relaxation seating. Plus, they have included the heat and vibration massage which are great features too.

The attractive design makes it harder to ignore and it will fit perfectly within modern living or working spaces. It embodies a curvy design and it is installed with contoured beech woods and soft bonded leather on its exterior. The stitches and overall design have been handcrafted giving it that edgy and chic look.

The interior is filled with memory foam. In short, you will be buying a contemporary masterpiece.

However, the Svago ZGR chair is one of the premium recliners. But the customers who have bought this product share positive reviews about this product.

What We Liked
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